At the regular meeting of the Township Trustees on September 6th, the Trustees discussed the issue of proceeding with a request for proposals for a single hauler for trash service throughout the township to more completely analyze the potential benefits and drawbacks.  By receiving bids for the service, actual potential benefits to the residents and township can be reviewed, not just surmised.  At the October 3rd meeting at Oak Grove, we will again review the advantages and disadvantages of using a single provider for the trash service in the township and decide whether or not to proceed with the bidding process.  We have held two previous open meetings to discuss this proposal and took comments from residents for consideration.  For the reasons listed below the Trustees would like to move to the bid process:

  1. Lower cost of monthly trash service by a private contractor.
  2. Greater traffic safety by the elimination of multiple packer trucks collecting the same routes on multiple days during the same week.
  3. Reduced damage to Township roads by reducing the number of packer trucks operating within the township and having sufficient crew on the truck to decrease road damage recoil when setting the truck brakes and to collect and load waste safely and efficiently.
  4. Greater assurance that all households and businesses have legal and regular trash pickup and disposal to protect the health and safety of all residents.
  5. Provide adequate, uninterrupted service access to residents and businesses, and for the availability of service for the acceptance of recyclable materials in an easily accessible area.
  6. Greater safety to pedestrians by having sufficient crew on the truck to drive and load waste safely and efficiently.

If you have any questions you can attend the Township Trustees meeting on October 3rd, 7:00 p.m. at the Oak Grove Fire Department or you may submit a question or concern by emailing the township.

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