Muskingum Township

Welcome to the official website of Muskingum Township in Washington County, Ohio.

Muskingum Township is one of 22 townships in Washington County, spans 21.3 square miles, and is comprised of the communities of Oak Grove and Devola. It also includes both sides of the Muskingum River to near Lowell and out to and including Highland Ridge.

NOTICE: Information, policies, and procedures posted on the Township’s website are subject to change without notice. Although we make every effort to post accurate updates on our website as information changes, we cannot always provide advance notice of planned changes or guarantee that updates will be immediately accessible. Therefore, visitors to the site are hereby advised that before any action is taken in reliance on information posted on the Township website, it should be verified by obtaining current official records from the Township or by confirmation from a Township official or representative. In the event information contained in current official records of the Township differs from that posted on the website, the official records.