Cemetery Rules and Regulations





  1. Persons desiring to be buried in these cemeteries must make an application to the Cemetery Sexton or Township Trustees.
  2. The price per grave is as follows: Muskingum Township resident $365.00 per lot, nonresident $675.00 per lot.  Each lot will have the name and current address of the person who is to be buried in that lot.  No post office addresses will be accepted.
  3. On payment in full for any lots, the Board of Muskingum Township Trustees will execute and deliver a deed conveying such lots to the purchaser.
  4. The Trustees or Sexton will direct general improvements within the grounds before as well as after interments have been made.
  5. All graves dug within the limits of the cemetery, will be done by the Sexton, or under their direction, at a reasonable fee to be set by the Trustees for said service.
  6. A vault is required for full burials.
  7. NO mausoleums may be installed in Muskingum Township Cemeteries.
  8. The cremated remains can not exceed three (3) per lot and three (3) ground level markers and one above ground marker per lot.
  9. The installation of a marker exceeding 4 ft in height must be prior approved by the Sexton to insure adequate footers are installed.
  10. Cemetery hours of operation and visitation are dusk to dawn.
  11. Flowers must be removed from the grave by February 15, May 1, October 15.  One floral spray may be left permanently if it is attached, so as not to interfere with mowing.
  12. Flowers may be placed in vases on the side of headstones only.  All vases, stands, arrangements, etc. will be removed from the lot if neglected.
  13. Watering utensils or other private property must not be left on lots.  In no case will the Trustees or Sexton be responsible for articles found in the cemetery.
  14. No flowers, trees, shrubs, or vines will be permitted to be planted; if found the immediate removal will be required, it will be the duty of the groundskeeper under the direction of the Sexton to remove the plant.
  15. The grade of no lot will be raised above the others around it without the consent of the Trustees or Sexton.
  16. All vehicles will keep to driveways or parking spaces within the cemetery. In wet, muddy weather the Sexton or Trustees may prohibit any vehicles on the cemetery grounds.
  17. Orders for interment will be considered in turn.  At least eight hours of daylight must be allowed for preparing the grave.
  18. Foundations must be built and monuments and markers erected subject to the approval of the Sexton. The footers on all newly installed markers must be at least 2 feet in depth (below ground level) and subject to inspection by the Sexton.  Ground level makers on a lot may NOT exceed three (3) in number and have a minimum  footer with 3 inches in depth.
  19. The owner of grave plots is strongly encouraged to immediately place headstones on graves and see to having military markers placed on these graves with required 3-inch footers
  20. Flowers left on graves after interment will be removed within 10 days.
  21. All persons are forbidden to pick flowers or break any shrub or tree within the cemetery.
  22. No lighting, ornamentals, decorations, grave apparel, etc. will be permitted on the grave lot. However, small service or American flags may be placed next to the marker.
  23. Any changes in grave sites/locations post-burial shall be at the sole expense of the family requesting the change and with prior approval by the Muskingum Township Trustees.
  24. Muskingum Township is not responsible for leveling or resetting markers or vandalism to markers.
  25. Cemetery rules and regulations are the guidelines by which the township cemeteries are operated. These rules and regulations will be available on the township website.
  26. The purchaser of a lot(s) must agree to the terms of the Muskingum Township Rules and Regulations. (signature required)

Kenneth Schilling, Trustee

Gary Doan, Trustee

John Huck, Trustee

Cemetery Rules 2019

Muskingum Township Indigent Burial Policy – 2019

Indigent Burial Form – 2019